Audrey Kitching Is A Crystal-Selling Queen… And Allegedly, A Fraud.

'Energy Healer' Audrey Kitching Is Being Torn Up By Angry Twitter Users Calling Her A Fraud

If you’ve ever come across Audrey Kitching online, you’ve probably been enamored by her pastel-pink enchanting aesthetics, charming branding, and almost extraterrestrial-like features. Her captions on Instagram are seemingly prophetic, whimsical, and similar to most other ‘spiritual’ accounts. 

But, is Audrey Kitching really the whimsical, fairy-like, energy healer that her followers believe her to be?

With over 250k followers on Instagram, and over 150k on Twitter, it’s quite obvious she can make a serious impact on others. 

I myself, even used to follow her on twitter for her seemingly prophetic, sometimes positive, professedly empowering tweets. 

And while her tweets may truly empower others, and have a positive effect on them, I quickly realized and felt within myself that something fishy was up with this chick. So, I unfollowed her.

This morning, February 19th, an article on The Daily Dot surfaced on Audrey Kitching. It has since went viral on twitter – at least within the spiritual/metaphysical community. 

The article uncovers Kitching’s past, revealing that she wasn’t always a so-called energy healer. 

Kitching wore many hats actually… From her ‘scene-rock’ phase when she was a “Myspace Queen”, to modeling, to now energy healing, it seems like she kind of jumped all over the place. 

But the one thing that seems to stay the same with her, is her obvious hunger for fame. 


While there’s nothing wrong with aspiring to be famous, it seems that money and fame is at the root of what drives Kitching.  

Whether or not she’s truly an empath.. an energy healer.. I’ll leave you to decide. 

In The Daily Dot’s piece on Kitching, they feature three different women’s experiences with her. All three women allegedly seem to have the same type of experience with Kitiching – that she was very controlling, manipulative, and emotionally abusive. 

From personally having dealt with someone who was all of the above, I understand what it’s like to feel trapped, like you’re under someone’s spell. 


One of Kitching’s former employees reportedly told The Daily Dot that she felt that exact way about Kitching – trapped. She told The Daily Dot that she even contemplated suicide while she was working with Kitching, due to the emotional and mental abuse.


Not only has she allegedly been manipulative of her former employee(s), but Kitching has also made promises of all “hand made goods”on her site.

Recent photos featured on The Daily Dot, alleging that some of her pieces featured on the site were actually bought from the wholesaler Aliexpress, which is a cheap, Chinese wholesaler known for unethically made goods. 

Now, I don’t know about you… but this does NOT sound like an empath, or an energy healer to me. 

As a reiki practitioner myself, I find these stories about Audrey Kitching to be very appalling and well, frightening. The fact that someone in the spiritual community could reportedly be so manipulative and emotionally abusive is very disheartening to me. 

But as of now, Audrey Kitching seems to be completely unbothered by this new article unveiling her alleged behind-the-scenes actions. She has yet to address any claims made about her regarding The Daily Dot article, which called her out on the above, and oh so much more. 

I do encourage you to check out her socials, and also The Daily Dot’s article, and form your own opinion on the matter. 

Is Audrey Kitching really who she says she is? Do you think that her true intentions are really to be a healer, and to help people? 

Let us know in the comments below!