INTERVIEW 083: Leah Bailey Is About To Take Over The Modeling Industry

Interview With Leah Bailey

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Age: 23

Profession: Student, teaching assistant, part time in Nandos and occasional promo work for Capital FM

Current Location (Country): South Wales

Instagram Username: @leahbaileyy_

Do you model?

I’ve actually only recently started doing a few modeling jobs here and there for people over the past year or so. 

A lot of them have been my friend’s new up and coming brands, so really I’ve just been doing them a favour! 

As much as I love it and would 100% like to do more with modeling, I wouldn’t consider myself a model just yet! 

Not quite at Gigi and Adriana Lima’s level, haha. 

As a model/aspiring model, do you think that it is important to have a large following?

I guess you’re more likely to be noticed and approached for different modeling jobs if your face is more well known, so for that reason, I’d say it helps… but I wouldn’t say it’s crucial.


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Who is your favorite model?

Is it wrong to say Kim Kardashian? 

There’s a a lot of stunning models that I think are ridiculously talented and I know many people wouldn’t consider Kim a model, but I honestly think the woman is unreal! 

‘Model’ or not, she can take a damn good photo and her features in vogue magazine were something else!

What is your dream in life?

Honestly, to be completely and utterly happy as often as I can be. 

I think your goals can change dramatically throughout your life, which is totally fine. 

I don’t still want to be the proud owner of 10,000 unicorns like I did when I was 5 because people change and so do their dreams… just never lose sight of your morals and who you want to be as a person. 

I think if you keep that in mind and put 100% into everything you do, regardless of how many times you may decide it’s not really for you… you can’t really go wrong.

Are you following your dream?

I like to think I am! 

At this moment in time I’m focusing on finishing my degree with modeling being something I enjoy doing alongside that and so far, touch wood, it seems to be going pretty well!

Have you ever been published in a print or digital magazine before?

Unfortunately not but that would be an incredible achievement if I ever had that opportunity!

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently working with my friend’s new clothing brand, which you’ll probably see a lot of if you follow my Instagram! 

I’ve also been doing some work with an amazing photographer and friend who is helping me build up my portfolio, which is super exciting! 

Hopefully that’ll help with getting closer to sporting that model label, haha!

What’s something a guy can do to get your attention?

Well, I have an incredible boyfriend who I absolutely adore! 

His way of getting my attention was by making totally inappropriate jokes until I laughed… I guess it paid off!

What’s an instant deal-breaker for you?

No sense of humour! 

I’m a little (a lot) childish, in the nicest sense of the word. I like someone who can keep me entertained and laughing instead of having to force awkward conversations.

What is your ideal first date?

Ooo tricky one… I’m not really sure! 

Anything, as long as it doesn’t involve sitting in a dark cinema in silence for 2-3 hours!


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Tell us a random fact about yourself.

I still base 99% of my trust in pinky promises.

What are you most proud of?

My family and friends. 

I know I didn’t create them, so I can’t really take credit. 

I’m also aware I may be be biased but they’re pretty damn amazing!

What type of style would you say fits you best or that you wear the most?

Call me boring, but I love a simple skinny jean and fitted top combo. 

I’ll occasionally mix it up with a boot heel if I’m feeling a little adventurous.

Did you have any mentors who greatly impacted your career or growth?

Jamie, the photographer I’m currently working with, has given me so much more confidence than I ever thought I’d have! 

He’s so good at what he does and he’s so encouraging!

Do you have any tips for girls who are trying to live out their dreams?

Set a plan of action! 

I can honestly say that writing down your goals makes them instantly feel more real and, more importantly, more achievable! 

Once you’ve got your plan in mind, just go for it! Also, don’t give up if you get a few set backs… 

Life likes to test you to see how badly you want something sometimes. Prove how much you want it!

What do you want to be remembered as?

A good person… can’t ask for much more than that!