Sexy AF Nayoché​ Needs A Batmobile ASAP

Interview With Nayoché

Ethnicity: Dominican, Black, and Irish mostly

Age: 28

Profession: Bartender/Student/Poet

Current Location (Country): USA

Instagram Username: @wildnayo

What is the best thing that has ever happened to you? 

Going back to school honestly. It’s help me focus on what’s important in my life, not just academically, helped me center myself.

What is your favorite part about being a woman? 

We are resilient.

Who is your favorite role model?

My mother.

What is your dream in life?

To have my foundation successful and to be happy in all aspects of life.

Are you following your dream?

I am, it’s going good. The process takes awhile sometimes, but the key is consistency.

Have you ever been published in a print or digital magazine before?

Yes, but not in a long time.

What’s your favorite clothing brand / store?

Honestly I don’t have one, I just like black clothing and lingerie.

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I'm friendly but I don't play nice🦂

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What is your “happy place”?

Writing poetry with a nice fat blunt.

What’s most important to you?

My mother, my foundation, my dogs, my two best friends…and weed… lol.

What’s the worst line a guy has ever used on you?

“I LiKe YoUr TaTtOoS” so unoriginal!

What is your dream car?


Have you ever traveled out of your home country?

The last time I was out the country I was 9… I really need to travel.

Are you a tom-boy, girly-girl, or both?

A sexy tom-boy.

Do you have a favorite Kardashian sister?

Kim and Kylie, I just love their aesthetic and work ethic… Especially Kim, helping people getting out of prison.

Have you ever gotten plastic surgery? 

No but I have considered botox and bbl.

What do you want to be remembered as?

Someone who always fought for what they thought was right.

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I needa real one💥

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